Terminating a hosting account & client

Terminating a hosting account & client

Make sure all outstanding accounts has been paid. Netcash - Cancel the debit order on Master list Delete recurring invoice - Check which domains and hosting accounts are listed on the invoice. A lot of clients have more than one domain/hosting. Get an alternative like...

Terminating a hosting account & client

Transferring a website to Lenomedia

Step 1: Get all the admin in place Send the debit order form Set up recurring invoice starting the 29th of that month with automatic sending. Let client know that you've sent him a debit order form he needs to fill out. Once you received signed document, set up the...

Debit orders / Netcash

How to setup a debit order for a new hosting client How to run a debit order batch How to check if a debit order did not go through

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