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Mar 8, 2018 | Accounts, Design, Project Management, Team

When we can charge extra

  • Can you prove that the client was aware of overcharges?   (
  • Hourly job order?  and / or
  • SLA
  • Was the client notified that we have moved beyond of what was agreed upon?


When we can’t charge extra

If we have not communicated overcharges at the beginning of the project. Either by Hourly Rate page,  SLA Contract,

How the client will react to overcharges

If they are aware of overcharges when they realize that they are in the wrong if overcharges have been communicated to them before invoice is sent. By all means, charge them extra. In these cases, they will understand, and gladly pay overcharges. Same goes for clients with hourly projects. If they filled out the form  We can charge them up to an R1000 before letting them know. If we go over that amount of hours, WE HAVE TO LET THE CLIENT KNOW.

To sum up:  We can not charge extra if the client has not been made aware of overcharges and when we overcharge.

Secondly, the maximum amount that we can overcharge for a project with an SLA signed (according to our contract) is 10% of the quote amount. If extra charges goes over that amount. The client needs to know. Very important.

Everything boils down to proper communication. We want our clients to look back at their experience with us.




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