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How to fix a Missing Admin Bar in WordPress

Most of the solutions you will find on this subject is that there is a missing footer code but if you are also unable to load the theme customizer, let do it the other way around. 1. Check your Website URLS Go to your Wordpress Settings > General and make sure that...

Divi icons not loading

Divi icons not loading

Other ways to phrase this problem: My icons are broken Divi Stange characters on Divi from Elegant themes Divi icons showing strange characters or numbers Divi icons disappeared Elegant themes do have a post on the subject called "My icons are broken" you can check...

Divi icons not loading

Comment Spam

Blacklist certain words in comments General rule of thumb is to add a comment blacklist. Go to Settings > Discussion > Comment Blacklist > paste the blacklist below into this form > Save Changes Blacklist word list. Add your own if necessary: 4u adderall...

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