Transferring a website to Lenomedia

Aug 25, 2020 | Accounts, Hosting, Support

Step 1: Get all the admin in place

  1. Send the debit order form
  2. Set up recurring invoice starting the 29th of that month with automatic sending.
  3. Let client know that you’ve sent him a debit order form he needs to fill out.
  4. Once you received signed document, set up the debit order form at Netcash.
  5. Get all their login info for the current hosting account. If they don’t know where they host you can find out by using whois or who is hosting this.
  6. Ask them what they use to read email (Outlook, Office360, MacMail, Webmail, Gmail, Google Apps).



Step 2: Technicalities – Do the actual transfer

Things to consider:

Domain, website, email, Outlook360, downtime, propagation IMAP / POP. Where are all of these hosted. It can be at 1 place, 2 or 3.

Everything is hosted at the same place (easy)

From Xneelo to Xneelo

No need to worry about downtime, emails. Just go through the regular process of website transfer in kosoleh. You will be given the option that support will contact you.

From anywhere else to Xneelo
  1. Get the current hosts info
  2. Set up a hosting account on Xneelo side. You will get an interim domain to use
  3. Migrate the website
  4. Set up all the emails that was on the previous server’s side.
  5. Send the client the information on how to set up their emails to the new server. They have to do this once the transfer is in progress or once their mail stops working.
  6. If there are any emails on the server, download them an upload to xneelo
  7. Once the transfer is complete, you need to change the site URL and home URL in Phpmy Admin.
  8. Test


Everything is not hosted at the same place

*** Coming soon

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