How to give website access to a client

Mar 20, 2018 | Accounts, Clients, Design, Project Management, Team, Wordpress

Give Access to client

Step 1:
Log into WordPress dashboard > Divi > Role Editor > Click on tab “Editor”.  Lock areas client should not change. I do not want clients to be able to change and design settings, fonts, colours, customizer etc.

Step 2:
Red Lock everything that client should not touch. If nesseccary after the implementation of step 1 – using Divi’s right click controls.

Step 3: 
Label text boxes and image modules with “Edit Text here”.

Step: 4:
Edit the editor role forir Editor user accounts. See here

Step 5:
Create an Editor user account for the client.


Administrator Access

Note: We don’t give out Administrator user accounts unless there are special circumstances and the client knows what he is doing.

Step 1:
Email the following to the client:

We are in the process of granting you with WordPress Administrator access. Be advised that Lenomedia does not take any responsibility should you break the website due to a lack of knowledge. We will of course help you if you do get it out of shape and charge by our normal hourly rate:).

  • We advise that you only change text and images within text boxes.
  • We advise that you add, change any blog posts and images within blog posts.
  • We advise you to not change the design, fonts, colour or banner images. That is why you hired us in the first place:)
  • We are locking a few areas in Admin access that runs the risk

You can change and rearrange menu/navigation items

Step 2:
Install and activate the plugin called “Adminimize”.
Lock the following areas:

  • Updates
  • Divi Settings
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Customizer

Step 3:
Create an Administrator user for the client.

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