How to migrate or clone a website using WP Clone by Code Academy

Mar 9, 2017 | Wordpress

Make absolutely sure you follow the instructions in the right order and on the right website (otherwise we will have a MAJOR F*cK UP)

On the final destination website

Make absolutely sure you are working on the final resting place for this website

1. Make a fresh WordPress install on die destination domain.
2. Install the plugin WP Clone.

On the temporary website

1. Go to WP Clone on the left menu > tick the Create a backup radio button > Click the green Create a backup button
2. Copy the backup link
3. Go to the final destination website

On the final destination website

1. Go to WP Clone
2. Tick the radio button Restore from url
3. Paste the backup link you copied from the temporary website
4. The Warning box and click on the orange Restore from url button and wait for the process to complete
5. You will be forced to log back into the website.  Use the temporary website’s login credentials to log in. The credentials you used to setup the new WordPress install will not work anymore.
6. Very important – Re save the permalinks.
7. Check the website if the migration was successful. Make sure all the links work and images display.
8. Going live


1. For any 404 or 500 errors look here How to fix 404 error – How to fix a corrupted htaccess file
2. Any other problems call leno


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