How to find out who is hosting an existing website

Feb 14, 2017 | Hosting

** Remember that a client does not necessarily host their domain, website or emails at the same hosting company for various reasons. We prefer that they use, and we use only 1 hosting company for domain, web and hosting.

To check where a website is hosted, do a hosting lookup.

To check where a domain is registered, do a domain lookup through whois.

To check where emails are hosted, you are going to have to log into the domain and check the IP addresses of the @mail record. You are then going to have to google search to find out to whom this IP address belong. It’s not often that website hosting and email hosting is at different places. The most common situation where it is possible is when the client make use of a service like Microsoft’s Office 360 or Google Business Apps mails. GoDaddy also suppy a similar service.

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