How to launch a website – Go live!

Jun 14, 2018 | Clients, Design, Wordpress

Move the website to its final destination.

This would only apply if we build a website on a testing space. If it has to be moved to the final url you will have to clone and migrate the website first. Migrate a website from its testing space to final destination.

Once the website is live on its final destination

  1. Install WP Clone and backup the website
  2. Delete and deactivate all unused plugins > test
  3. Update all used plugins, themes, and WordPress > test again
  4. Makes sure all social media links go to where they should
  5. Test all contact forms and make sure the email sent to the client contains the visitor’s email address. Also, check thank you note
  6. Go to Settings > Reading > Make sure the website is open for Search Engines NB!
  7. Limit access to the client in the Divi Options section.
  8. Create an Editor role for the client & send Tutorial link to him/her along with their username, pass and login link
  9. Make sure the website is secure, thus check for the lock sign in the browser on every page.
  10. Clear out all unused pages, posts, and photos
  11. Go to Tools > Sweep and sweep the database of any unused entries and revisions. Make a backup of the database before you do this. WP Sweep Plugin.
  12. Make absolutely sure that the website Responds correctly on mobile devices.
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