New Project Requests

Dec 1, 2017 | Accounts, Project Management

What needs to happen?

Review request?

  • Mark it as prospective job/client +label
  • Can we do it?  have we done it in the past? See price list and pricing
  • If it’s a small request
  • Is there a package for that? Yes > Send him to website for packages. No > quote
  • No package for the job? See our pricelist
  • Is the client up to date with his former payments? if not, he first have to settle outstanding payments.
Quote / Estimate asap
Get go ahead
If clients have a problem with quote, see if we can manage a compromise.
Set up in asana / Create Gmail Folder
Assign tasks in asana to responsible parties.
Let designer know that there is a project in pipeline
Set a deadline – If client did not set a deadline, agree upon a deadline for them. You might want to check current workload and chat with the designer. We don’t want to work forever on a project. The longer a project goes on, the more the company expenses will be.
Do we have ftp and access to site? or do we need to setup that ourselves?4
Track Progress on Concept Board (Digital White Board)

Get all necessary files from clients

  • Text
  • Logo
  • Sitemap / site structure
  • Photos JPG / PNG
  • Pdfs/downloads
  • Social media accounts
  • Ecommerce payment gateways
If we have all this info we can complete a project in a fraction of the time.
Make sure that the client supply all the content according to the site map they provided. Example: if the sitemap indicates that they want a “services page”, you must make sure that you get a “services” page and info from them.
If they want a gallery showcasing their offices, they need to provide pictures for the gallery.
Transfer project ownership to designer or web designer (Create personal reminder to follow up on all delegated projects)
Track progress & provide support for the designer (he must let you know what he needs). If he/she has problems in terms of processes, make not of it and see how we can overcome the problem so that we don’t have the same issues with the next project.
Make sure client stays on track with payments.
Do not let client go over the scope of a project. If extra work is requested communicate that extra payment will be the result, and update invoice accordingly.
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