Websites on a budget, with a twist!

Not everyone has the budget for a fancy and expensive website. Especially not when you are just starting out. Sometimes you just need a business solution that is still professional, without the designer price tag.

If this is you, keep on reading!

We’ve seen too many startups and business owners get shitty websites because they are looking for something cheap.  What you end up is a website that looks so unprofessional that clients run away screaming. Not only that, but you end up with a website that is built on old technology that does not work on phones and tablets. That is a big no no in 2015.

Further more, you want to be able to manage and update your own website. If you can’t do this yourself, your site is probably outdated and you are paying someone a lot of money to update it for you.

We are all looking for something cheap, but what you really should be looking for is something awesome, for a great deal. Buying cheap is very expensive 95% of the time. I know this from the thousands of rands I have thrown away myself over the years as a business owner.

So, what we offer you is a website solution that is robust, uses the latest technology, looks professional, is pre-built and can be set up in a fraction of a time.

Almost like putting up a prefab house, we will put a powerful yet simple prefab website that is already tested and tried and looks amazing. This is not like buying a template framework to build a website with, this is buying a complete website and have us rebrand it for you.

So we are not going to design & code anything from scratch because that is what makes websites expensive. We are offering a professional business solution.

Make sense?

All you need to do is send us your logo, text and pictures. We will swap them out with the placeholders we already have and carefully apply your corporate colours, texture and logo to fit your business. This will be expertly done, because we are in fact a team of professional designers, web developers, online marketers and online business developers.

So, why we are doing this?

We are offering you this product because we are tired of seeing people throwing money into the water by hiring so called web designers who think that owning a computer qualifies them as a professional anything. Hey, I own a stethoscope and that does not make me a doctor. If I start offering you medical advice, you should take your wallet and run.

Unfortunately with online technology and design its not always so easy tell the good from the bad if you don’t deal with these kinds of stuff everyday or know what to look for.




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